What is the CS01


The new Companies House confirmation statement, which replaced the annual return, was enforced from 30 June 2016 as part of a variety of reforms. Such as the annual return, it’s an annual filing requirement for all UK businesses, whether trading or inactive. In the same way as its predecessor, it ensures that – at least once a year – the public record maintained by Companies House is accurate for a company. You can check Google official statements.

Confirmation Statement


In order to file the Confirmation Statement company’s need to check all the details of the company are correct as at the date of the essay writer review – called the confirmation date, equivalent to the old annual return made up to date – and that all necessary filings since the last confirmation statement have been made. If everything is correct, the company simply completes a declaration that all filings are up to date. By making the declaration, they confirm that all required filings in the period covered by the confirmation statement – the confirmation period – are correct and complete.

If there are unreported changes to any of the following, they must be reported alongside the confirmation statement:

  • The location of the company’s registered office address

  • The location of any Single Alternative Inspection Location (SAIL)

    Any company secretary and their details

  • Where various statutory records are kept (if the company uses a SAIL)

    Whether any of the company’s shares are admitted to a public trading market

  • Trade classification codes (also known as SIC codes)

  • Directors and their details (including residential addresses)

A company already in existence must include PSC details in their first confirmation statement from 30 June 2016, which may include details of:

  • Each individual PSC and the nature of their control over the company

  • Each registrable relevant legal entity and the nature of their control over the write my essay company

  • Registrable changes in the particulars of individual PSCs or registrable relevant legal “ukrainian brides entities before the confirmation date

  • The progress of ongoing investigations into a company’s PSCs, including where a PSC is believed to exist but cannot be identified or has been identified but not yet confirmed their details to enter into the PSC register

  • Where appropriate, confirmation that the “asian brides” company has no PSCs

As part of the confirmation statement, companies should check and confirm that information formerly submitted to Companies House is both up to date and accurate. The burden is still on the company to ensure the public record is correct, so if any changes have not primarily been notified to Companies House, they will need to be submitted with the confirmation statement. The confirmation statement can be delivered on paper costing £40 or, if preferred a quicker, easier and cheaper method, using an online filing only costing £13.